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Information for governors

We provide here links to key sources of information on leadership, governance and management for universities.

These should help higher education (HE) governing bodies ensure that:
  • the governance arrangements at their universities are in line with best practice
  • they are better able to meet their responsibilities for setting the strategic direction of the university and monitoring university performance
  • their universities are making use of available opportunities for leadership and management development
Committee of University Chairs (CUC)

Our position is that governing bodies and audit committees of universities in Wales should conduct themselves in line with the CUC's principles and practices, and that where they differ then this should be explained and made public.

The CUC has produced a range of authoritative guidance material for governing bodies of universities.

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE)

The LFHE provides support and advice on leadership, governance and management for all the UK higher education institutions. The LFHE website contains details of the range of support available and information on its training and development programme, events and research projects.

Governance website

A governance website hosted by the LFHE was launched in 2009. It contains a range of key resource for governors, council members and others interested in governance in higher education.

Leadership Foundation presentation by HEFCW Chief Executive David Blaney, 15 May 2014

Information Toolkit for Governors
We have brought together a selection of performance information for governing bodies in an Information Toolkit, comprising:
  • a range of reports, presented graphically wherever possible, demonstrating the performance or position of the Welsh higher education sector and individual institutions in a UK context
  • details of a range of existing useful data and information resources

Information Toolkit for HE Governors 2017

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