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Guidance documents for higher education governors

Here are some key governance and related documents of interest to higher education governors.

CUC (Committee of University Chairs) Higher Education Code of Governance

This revised edition of the Guide, incorporating a voluntary code of practice and general principles, was prepared in November 2008 and published and distributed to all UK higher education (HE) institutions in March 2009.

CUC Handbook for Members of Audit Committees in Higher Education Institutions


Information Toolkit for Governors
We have brought together a selection of performance information for governing bodies in an Information Toolkit, comprising:
  • a range of reports, presented graphically wherever possible, demonstrating the performance or position of the Welsh higher education sector and individual universities in a UK context.
  • details of a range of existing useful data and information resources.

Information Toolkit for HE Governors 2017

'Getting to Grips With' guidance

The 'Getting to Grips With' series of guidance documents has been produced jointly between the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) and Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE), and cover:




Human Resource Management

Estates and Infrastructure

Getting to grips with Academic Standards, Quality and Student Experience

Getting to grips with Internationalisation

Getting to grips with Research and Knowledge Transfer

Other useful guidance issued by sector bodies

BUFDG briefing on HEIs tax affairs

The following documents were produced some years ago but still remain a useful guide to the development of Key Performance Indicators within universities:

CUC Report on Monitoring Institutional Performance and the Use of Key Performance Indicators (2006)

Report on Implementation of Key Performance Indicators: Case Study Experience (2008)

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