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Complaints about institutions

We cannot become involved in disputes between students or staff and their institutions. However, our regulatory and funding roles mean that we can become involved where we receive complaints in certain relevant areas.

Under the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015 we may become involved in issues with regulated institutions the following areas:
  • The charging of excess full-time undergraduate fees;
  • Failure, or likelihood of failure, to comply with Fee and Access Plan targets
  • Education of inadequate quality, or where the quality is likely to become inadequate; and
  • Failure to comply with the Financial Management Code
We may also become involved where:
  • There are issues in respect of a failure by a funded institution to comply with the Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability; or
  • A┬áRelevant Higher Education Body has failed to comply with its Prevent Duty.
The link below gives further information on:
  • When we do and when we do not become involved in investigating complaints;
  • How we deal with those complaints where we have an interest in them; and
  • How to inform us of a complaint

Complaints about institutions (including concerns about standards and quality)

Annex A: Form for submitting complaints regarding financial affairs, governance and management

Annex B: Form for submitting complaints regarding Fee and Access Plan compliance by regulated institutions

Annex C: Form for submitting complaints regarding inadequate quality, or quality that is likely to become inadequate, of education at regulated institutions

Annex D: Form for submitting complaints regarding a failure by a relevant higher education body to fulfil its Prevent duty

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