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Fee and Access Plan

Any institution that wishes for its full-time undergraduate courses to be automatically designated for student support is required to submit a fee and access plan to us. If that fee and access plan is accepted the institution will be permitted to charge up to the maximum fee limit, of £9k, and students studying those courses at that institution will be able to receive student support up to that amount.

Only those institutions that are in Wales, that provide higher education and are a charity can apply for fee and access plans. On application an institution is required to provide information relating to its financial viability, the arrangements for the organisation and management of its financial affairs, and the quality of education it provides or is provided on its behalf. A fee and access plan must set out the objectives of an institution as they relate to equality of opportunity and the promotion of higher education.

Full information on how to apply for a fee and access plan can be found in our fee and access plan guidance. This guidance was informed by guidance to HEFCW from Welsh Government. For more information contact

More information on quality requirements for Fee and Access Plans are available on the Quality Assessment Framework page.

Institutions’ Fee and Access Plans

HEFCW Fee and Access Plan Guidance 2020/21

HEFCW Fee and Access Plan Guidance 2019/20

HEFCW guidance on varying a fee and access plan

Fee and Access Plan Variation change request form

Students’ involvement in fee and access planning processes

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