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Consultations archive 2017

  • In March 2017 HEFCW was remitted to work with Welsh Government officials to "compile and publish on an annual basis the prices of a basket of goods, to be agreed with Government, for each institution."
  • This circular provides a consultation on the collection and monitoring of data for the ‘basket of goods’.
  • Date:  23 August 2017
  • Response by:  06 October 2017
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This consultation seeks comments on HEFCW’s initial proposals for an interim Postgraduate Taught (PGT) support package for Academic Year (AY) 2018/19, to be delivered for a single year prior to the implementation of the Student Loans Company (SLC) PGT support package.
  • Date:  09 August 2017
  • Response by:  20 September 2017
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This circular provides a consultation on revising the guidance for Student Charters, to replace that provided in circular W14/05HE. This is because the guidance has become dated in light of subsequent developments, including the HE (Wales) Act 2015. The guidance will apply to regulated institutions. Students of franchise HE provision will be covered by the franchising institution’s Charter.
  • Institutions are also asked to provide one or more examples of good practice on engaging with ‘hard to reach’ students to ensure that the voice of the diverse student body is heard. These will be published jointly by HEFCW and Wise Wales.
  • Date:  17 February 2017
  • Response by:  11 April 2017
  • Secondary documents:  None
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