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Consultations archive 2012

  • We are seeking your views on HEFCW’s plans to develop Wales’s higher education system over the next three years
  • Our current Corporate Strategy has been revised and developed to help take forward the Welsh Government's strategy for higher education, For our Future. It also takes account of the Welsh Government remit, Programme of Government, and other guidance.
  • We are inviting your views on our draft Corporate Strategy, and comments under a number of themes, including widening access, skills and research.
  • If you would like to provide your views in writing, please use the reply form below, and submit your response to by Friday, 12 October 2012. You don’t have to respond to every question.

    If you would prefer to contribute in person, our annual public meeting will be held on Friday, 19 October 2012 where will be discussing our draft strategy. Please contact or check our news - events page for further information.

    We have carried out an equality impact assessment (EIA) screening of the draft Corporate Strategy to help safeguard against discrimination, and promote equality. We also consider the impact of policies on the Welsh language, and Welsh language provision, within the HE sector in Wales, as well as taking account of sustainable development issues. To contribute to our EIA process more generally, please contact us at

  • Date:  25 July 2012
  • Response by:  12 October 2012
  • Secondary documents:  
  • This circular sets out for consultation HEFCW’s draft Child Poverty Strategy and it seeks to engage Higher Education Institutions, Further Education Institutions and other parties, including those with an interest in equality and diversity issues, in the further development of this Strategy.
  • Date:  03 February 2012
  • Response by:  09 March 2012
  • Secondary documents:  None
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