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Consultations archive 2010

  • This circular sets out for consultation proposed changes to the funding system for higher education in Wales. The proposals respond to the Welsh Assembly Government’s remit that HEFCW should make greater strategic use of funding to achieve the changes and address the priorities identified in For our Future, and to instigate a step change in our approach to funding.
  • Date:  22 July 2010
  • Response by:  06 September 2010
  • Secondary documents:  None
  •  We are currently consulting on our new Corporate Strategy 2010-11 – 2012-13, which responds directly to the Welsh Assembly Government’s new strategy and plan for higher education in the 21st century – For our Future.
  • We welcome responses from higher education institutions, further education institutions, other post-16 providers, local authorities (and schools), employers and their representative groups, and other interested parties by the deadline of Monday, 19 April 2010.
  • Linked to this, and one of the key priorities in For our Future, is the development of a regional dimension to the planning and delivery of higher education (see below). We are also in the process of consulting on our proposals for taking this work forward. Again, we welcome responses from interested parties.
  • Date:  08 March 2010
  • Response by:  19 April 2010
  • Secondary documents: None
  • This circular sets out for consultation our proposals for developing a regional dimension to the planning and delivery of higher education.
  • For our Future, the 21st Century Higher Education Strategy and Plan for Wales included the expectation that the Welsh Assembly Government, working with stakeholders and HEFCW, would ‘develop a regional dimension to planning and delivery of higher education’. In seeking views in this consultation, we have set out the key issues we have considered and the factors we have taken into account in developing our proposals. We then go on to discuss the process which we will adopt to implement regional strategies and we give an indication of our expectations about reconfiguration and collaboration to meet the requirements of the For our Future Strategy.
  • Date:  17 February 2010
  • Response by:  31 March 2010
  • Secondary Documents:  None
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