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Archif ymgynghoriadau 2009

  • This circular sets out for consultation options for the continuing support of the sector’s third mission activities for the academic years 20010/11 to 2012/13. It also gives notice of a workshop to be held on 4 December 2009, the outcomes of which will also feed into the consultation process.
  • Dyddiad:  30 Hydref 2009
  • Ymateb erbyn:  11 Ionawr 2010
  • This circular, aimed at higher education (HE) institutions and further education colleges with directly-funded HE provision, identifies our proposed procedures to address unsatisfactory quality in institutions in Wales as identified through institutional review.
  • Dyddiad:  04 Awst 2009
  • Ymateb erbyn:  30 Medi 2009
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
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