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Archif ymgynghoriadau 2007

  • This circular presents the outcomes of the consultation on the HEFCW Welsh Medium Provision Development Fund and HEFCW’s decisions in the light of the consultation. It also sets out arrangements for the Fund for 2007/08.
  • Dyddiad:  03 Rhagfyr 2007
  • Ymateb erbyn:  20 Rhagfyr 2007
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
  • Following work done in 2006 on the costs of Welsh medium provision and subsequent consultation with the sector, this circular provides revised guidance on returning data on Welsh medium provision.
  • Dyddiad:  11 Medi 2007
  • Ymateb erbyn:  Nid oes angen ymateb
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
  • This circular invites views on proposals for the future use of the HEFCW Welsh Medium Provision Fund in the light of the commitment by heads of institutions, through Higher Education Wales (HEW).
  • Dyddiad:  04 Gorffennaf 2007
  • Ymateb erbyn:  27 Gorffennaf 2007
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
  • This Circular invites comments on proposals for a revised approach to the Council’s arrangements for capital funding from 2008-09 onwards, and announces a consultation event.
  • Dyddiad:  13 Mawrth 2007
  • Ymateb erbyn:  02 Ebrill 2007 and 18 Mai 2007
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
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