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External stakeholder survey

To fulfil our mission, we must ensure that we provide an effective service to our stakeholders, and that clear, accessible and strategic communications support both our internal operations and our relationships with the Welsh higher education sector, the Welsh Government and other external partners.

In order to assess how effective our service is, and how well our relationships work, we commissioned, in autumn 2011, our second survey of stakeholders and partners.

Message from the Chief Executive

I am pleased that we are now able to publish the full report plus executive summary from our latest survey.

It’s broadly very positive about us in terms of our effectiveness and responsiveness, and the scores are generally at least where they were in the survey of four years ago, and are often better. This is all very encouraging, and we are pleased with the outcome.

At the same time, the survey raises a number of issues which we will want to think about, and improve on where we can. Both Executive and Council are in agreement that the changes needed are incremental rather than revolutionary.

We will start to pick these up internally over the coming months, once our new organisational design has had a chance to settle. After that, we will present an action plan to our Council once the new chief executive is in place and has had a chance to contribute.

May I warmly thank all those who generously gave their time to completing the survey and, in many cases, to a follow up interview. We are very grateful indeed for these contributions.

Professor Phil Gummett
Chief Executive
June 2012

HEFCW Stakeholder Survey 2011/12 - full report

HEFCW Stakeholder Survey 2011/12 - executive summary

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