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HEFCW Corporate Strategy

This is our Corporate Strategy, which sets out our vision, mission and objectives for 2017-2020.

The Corporate Strategy was approved formally by Welsh Government in December 2017, following consultation in circular W17/17HE. We have been working to meet the objectives of the Corporate Strategy since September 2017 following the end of our previous Corporate Strategy period. The strategy takes account of the outcomes of the consultation as well as our development of a draft higher education strategy for Welsh Government in 2016.

Corporate Strategy 2017-20

Our Corporate Strategy focuses on our roles as a regulator, funder and influencer whilst working in partnership with students, as well as our aim to operate effectively as an organisation. It includes twelve HEFCW performance outcomes. One of the objectives set out in the Strategy is to “Develop measures by which to monitor the performance of higher education providers and monitor delivery” and this activity has commenced with the publication of circular W17/37HE.

Performance against our Corporate Strategy will be set out in our annual Operational Plan.

The strategy was produced against the backdrop of:

  • Our new regulatory role in line with the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015
  • Welsh Government proposals following Professor Sir Ian Diamond’s Review of higher education funding and student finance arrangements and Professor Ellen Hazelkorn’s review of the oversight of post-compulsory education in Wales
  • The review of Welsh Government funded research and innovation in Wales conducted by Professor Graeme Reid and submitted to Welsh Government in December 2017
  • The Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015
  • Our 2017-18 remit letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Education
  • A review of our previous Corporate Strategy
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