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Circulars 2019

HEFCW circulars give information to the higher education (HE) sector in Wales. They might include information such as funding allocations, information, data or monitoring requests, consultations, calls for strategies, policy announcements and particular information which higher education institutions (HEIs) need to be aware of quickly.

  • This circular presents arrangements for the collection of the 2019 Unistats data. It also provides an update on the development of a new information that will replace Unistats.
  • Date:  02 May 2019
  • Response by:  No response required
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This circular provides guidance on gender pay reporting methodology to achieve a consistent approach in reporting pay gaps.
  • Institutions are required to adopt and submit pay gap reports to us unless they have reported through the UK pay gap reporting portal.
  • Date:  30 April 2019
  • Response by:  21 June 2019
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This paper provides institutions with information on accessing the results of their 2019 National Student Survey (NSS) via the dissemination portal. It also includes information on the publication of NSS data on the Unistats website. No response is required.
  • Date:  29 March 2019
  • Response by:  No response required
  • Secondary documents:  None
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