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Strategic Development Fund

The Strategic Development Fund was launched in 2005 to complement the Reconfiguration and Collaboration Fund.

Its purpose is to drive strategic change by supporting collaborative initiatives and initiatives within individual universities. These initiatives would significantly address relevant Welsh Government priorities that were not covered by the Reconfiguration and Collaboration Fund, such as:

  • developing management capability shared between institutions (eg to address procurement, HR and sustainability issues)
  • collaborating in teaching and learning, including  pedagogical innovation (eg technology enhanced learning)
  • subject rationalisation
  • developing third mission activity between institutions and with external partners
  • 'pump priming' (increasing expenditure to increase output) the development of research infrastructure between institutions
  • contributing to funding proposals involving other parties such as Welsh Government partners, the Research Councils and major charities, or other UK-wide agendas - particularly where a small investment by HEFCW could help secure a much larger investment from other, especially UK-wide sources

HEFCW has invited proposals in the light of issues emerging from dialogue with heads of institutions and other partners in Wales or the wider UK. The Strategic Development Fund has also been used to support strategic developments agreed by HEFCW's Council (e.g. Matched Funding Scheme for Voluntary Giving), which may not always be subject to the proposal process.

The arrangements for the Strategic Development Fund were revised in September 2009 to take account of issues raised by the Wales Audit Office report on Collaboration Between Higher Education Institutions.

Reconfiguration and Collaboration: Circular W09/32HE informs institutions of amendments to the application procedures and assessment processes for proposals to the reconfiguration and Collaboration Fund and Strategic Development Fund, operational from September 2009 until further notice.

The arrangements for the Strategic Development Fund from May 2005 to September 2009: Circular W05/27HE

Bids for support from the Strategic Development Fund are considered by the Strategic Development Committee

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