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European and International Engagement

The higher education sector in Wales faces a range of significant international opportunities and challenges.

HEFCW’s vision is to develop and sustain internationally excellent higher education in Wales, for the benefit of individuals, society and the economy, in Wales and more widely. The international dimension cuts across many of HEFCW’s strategic aims.

We are:
  • helping to boost the take up of European funding by universities
  • involved in ensuring representation for Welsh higher education is at the centre of European policy-making
  • supporting work to make Welsh higher education a partner of choice on the international stage

HEFCW has supported a number of initiatives which enable European and International activities in HE, which you can see using the links on the right.

Our international position statement outlines our role in the immediate term, as defined by the current Corporate Strategy period to the end of 2015/16.

The purpose of setting out our international position statement and role is to define and prioritise our own responsibilities in this area, while supporting the international ambitions of the higher education sector and the Welsh Government.

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