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Quality Assessment Framework for Wales

The Quality Assessment Framework for Wales, which assures HEFCW of the quality of education at HE providers, was published in March 2018.

This is underpinned by a set of baseline regulatory requirements, which align with those in England and Northern Ireland. Work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in relation to degree standards inform these requirements.

The Framework builds on existing processes and is designed to minimise the burden on providers, whilst ensuring that the governing bodies of regulated institutions are equipped to provide assurance to HEFCW.

Cross-cutting issues across the UK include the:
  • need to preserve the sense of a UK-wide quality system
  • compliance with international quality expectations
  • essential role of students as partners in quality.
The Quality Assessment Framework will achieve UK ‘read-across’ through the following shared mechanisms:
  • Shared degree standards, through the UK-wide Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ)
  • A strengthened external examining system
  • A shared approach to the quality-related elements of the Baseline Regulatory Requirements
  • The ability of Welsh institutions to participate in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework, if they wish.
The framework includes:

These elements of the framework will also inform the annual fee and access planning and institutional risk review processes.

Fee and access planning process

The interlinking of the elements is provided below:

Interlinking of arrangements

We will address concerns relating to quality and standards through our procedures for handling complaints against institutions.

Providers in Wales who wish to apply for course designation will need to undergo a gateway review.

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