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Medical education

HEFCW funds Cardiff and Swansea Universities to provide medical education (the initial training of doctors) in Wales.

The provision draws upon a well-established, inter-dependent relationship with NHS Wales, through which medical students receive their clinical placements at various Welsh hospitals. Cardiff University provision is also offered in partnership with the North Wales Clinical School, including Bangor University and provision at Glynd┼Ár University. We also provide funding for clinical dental students at Cardiff University's Dental School.

The Welsh Government also supports these intakes through the Service Increment for Teaching (SIFT) funding delivered directly to the relevant teaching hospitals.

We also support a range of other courses in subjects and professions allied to medicine. These courses are available at several higher education institutions (HEIs) in Wales.

We support the Welsh higher education (HE) sector's contribution to NHS research and development through our QR funding.

We liaise with the Welsh Government's Health Directorate. We also participate in the UK funding councils' Healthcare Education Advisory Committee (UKHEAC). UKHEAC advises the funding councils on all medical and dental matters, including country-specific issues on request.

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