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Gateway Quality Review: Wales

From 2018/19 the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) will carry out Gateway Quality Reviews on behalf of HEFCW for providers that seek course designation or that wish to apply for a Fee and Access Plan.

The method has been published and is available on the QAA website.

Review outcomes are expressed as ‘confidence’, ‘limited confidence’ and ‘no confidence at this time’ in relation to the following judgement areas:
  • The reliability of academic standards and their reasonable comparability with standards set and achieved in other providers in the UK.
  • The quality of the student academic experience, including student outcomes where the provider has a track record of delivery of higher education.

Judgements of 'Confidence' are considered satisfactory. Judgements of 'limited confidence', and 'no confidence' are considered unsatisfactory and follow-up activity is required.

A provider that has undergone a successful Gateway Review will be deemed as meeting the quality threshold for an application for course designation.

A second successful Gateway Review four years later will enable a provider to submit the outcomes as evidence in support of a Fee and Access plan.

Further particulars are outlined in the handbook.

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