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Learning and teaching

We promote excellent teaching through our quality enhancement strategy.

We fund work with the AdvanceHE to support the higher education (HE) community in order to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching. AdvanceHE (formerly the Higher Education Academy) supported the Future Directions programme which aimed to enhance specific areas of the student learning experience, through encouraging academic and support staff, and students collectively to share current good practice and to generate ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching.

Our Student Opportunity and Achievement Committee (SOAC) guides our work in this area.

We aim to ensure that all learners have access to a good quality learning experience. We also aspire to assist institutions in providing increased flexibility and accessibility of provision, including facilitating Welsh medium education and taking full account of equality and diversity.

TEF (Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework)

In 2016, the UK Government introduced a framework to recognise and reward excellent learning and teaching at the undergraduate level.

The TEF data considers how many students continue their course from one year to the next, graduate-level employment outcomes, and students’ views about their experience gathered in the National Student Survey (NSS). The TEF is administered by Office for Students (OfS) on behalf of the Department for Education in England. Further information about TEF can be found on the OfS website.

Welsh higher education providers have been given the opportunity to apply for TEF on a similar basis to institutions in England. The TEF is not part of HEFCW’s responsibilities. It is a matter for eligible Welsh institutions to determine whether or not they wish to participate in TEF.

The TEF ratings are decided by the TEF Panel members with advice from a wider pool of assessors. A list of the current Panel members and assessors has been published by OfS.

Additional steps have been taken to ensure that the Welsh context is fully reflected and understood in the TEF processes; these include bespoke training on the Welsh context and Welsh medium provision, and the provision of a brief contextual paper prepared by HEFCW in consultation with Universities Wales.

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