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Initial teacher training (ITT) intake targets

The Welsh Government sets annual intake targets for recruiting students onto primary school level and secondary school level initial teacher training courses in Wales.

These targets take account of estimated demand for new teachers in Wales. In recent years, there have been reductions in targets because of an over-supply of teachers. As a result, ITT provision is being reconfigured in Wales, with partnerships between existing providers to form Centres of Teacher Education.

Based on the overall targets for the higher education (HE) sector, HEFCW allocates intake targets to HE ITT providers.

As well as distinguishing between targets for primary and secondary level teacher training, targets are further divided into undergraduate and PGCE numbers. Within secondary targets, there are specific targets for particular subject areas.

In allocating targets to providers, HEFCW takes account of factors such as:
  • sector recruitment performance generally and in individual subject areas in previous years
  • the recruitment performance of individual providers against intake targets in previous years
  • the need to balance subject provision across the sector, and to maintain the viability of provision
  • evidence from Estyn of the quality of training offered by ITT providers
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