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Initial teacher training (ITT)

HEFCW has specific responsibilities for ITT in Wales and therefore a wider remit than is normally the case for other subject areas in higher education. Our role includes:

  • accrediting providers - historically, higher education institutions - of ITT for school teachers, in accordance with criteria specified by the Welsh Government
  • working with Estyn to ensure that the universities providing ITT in Wales continue to meet requirements for ITT and that their provision enables students to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • determining ITT intake targets annually for each provider in line with national - Welsh - intake targets set by the Welsh Government
  • commissioning research to improve the standards of teachers and teacher training
  • promoting best practice and supporting ITT providers’ development strategies with funding

We work with the universities which provide ITT in Wales, the Welsh Government, Estyn (the Office of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector in Wales) and the Education Workforce Council to ensure the best possible opportunities for trainee teachers throughout Wales.

Initial Teacher Training is the education and training course that leads to Qualified Teacher Status. Anyone wishing to teach in a local authority maintained school in England and Wales must have this qualification.

To find out more about becoming a teacher go to training to be a teacher.

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