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Welcome to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

COVID-19 and coronavirus update

You can now find all these updates under the working with higher education providers section.

Updated: 04 May 2020

Independent review of HEFCW’s governance processes

“We consider HEFCW's culture to be a real asset which should be nurtured.”

In late 2019, Professor Paul Moxey and Professor Andrew Chambers assessed the quality of HEFCW’s governance. This was carried out in the context of future changes in the governance of further and higher education in Wales, when we are replaced by the Commission for Tertiary Education and Research in 2023.

“…the competency of HEFCW’s Council and Council committee members is extraordinary as is their commitment to their governance responsibilities.”

The report concluded that, overall, HEFCW is very well governed, and the quality of management of our governance processes by the executive is excellent.


Survey of stakeholders and partners


To assess how effective our service is, and how well our relationships work, we commissioned, in 2019, our third survey of stakeholders and partners.


There were many things to take away from an extremely positive and encouraging report, and much to reflect on.


“…their insight about the things that we need to address…[is] extremely valuable.”


“I can be clear that our views are fairly represented, and the relationship is appropriate. We get a robust challenge back.”


It was no surprise to us that our greatest asset is our people, and our stakeholders value their relationships with us more than anything else.


“…there will always be an opportunity to discuss something one-to-one before something might escalate or get more difficult.”


“There is a respect between the universities and HEFCW.”


We would love to be able to spend even more time building relationships and conducting more business in person.


However, we know that, as a regulator, we spend much of our time corresponding and requesting and reviewing information.


We will look at the outcomes that cover more challenging areas such as bureaucracy and visibility to see how we can tackle them over the coming year.


“…they are good at looking at what’s going on in strategic and policy terms within Wales and thinking across to the wider UK…”


“I think what they are good at is dealing with us as individual institutions and not a block.”







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