Working with higher education providers

This section is about HEFCW information which is relevant to universities.

You will find:

  • guidance about returning data to HEFCW
  • information about how we work with universities
  • information about financial and other compliance
  • guidance for university governors
  • information about HEFCW’s new regulatory powers
  • all of HEFCW’s circulars since 2003.

As an intermediary body between the Welsh Government and the higher education (HE) sector, we act in an environment within which we aim to influence rather than control.

We work with universities to help ensure that public funds are spent effectively:

  • in accordance with their own missions and aims
  • in a way which helps achieve the Welsh Government’s objectives for HE.

The Welsh Government expects us to adopt a strategic approach to using funding to strengthen the HE sector.

New regulatory powers for HEFCW were introduced during the period 2015 to 2017.