National measures

National measures


Our Corporate Strategy 2017-2020 included an objective to ‘develop measures by which to monitor the performance of higher education (HE) providers and monitor delivery’.

These national measures assist us in monitoring HEFCW regulated and/or funded HE providers. The measures are used at both institutional and national level for different purposes, including:

  • monitoring higher education sector performance against priority areas, including annual reports to our Council
  • monitoring individual institutional performance against priority areas, including informing institutional risk assessments
  • publishing measures, some annually, at both institutional and sector level
  • informing institutional fee and access planning
  • developing policy

2018/19 monitoring

2017/18 monitoring

National measures monitor data from the year 2016/17 onwards. A description of the data sources used and the methods of extraction are outlined in Annex I of our latest data requirements circular.

These measures supersede the targets which were outlined in our Corporate Strategy 2013-2017 which monitored data for the years 2011/12 to 2017/18.

Postcode data used in calculating the widening access national measures.