HEFCW data collection

The statistics team collects data from HE institutions and FE colleges in Wales through a number of data surveys:

  • the higher education students early statistics (HESES) survey
  • the end of year monitoring (EYM) of higher education enrolments survey
  • information about external research income from UK-based charities
  • the forecasts and corporate strategy target requests circular

The data surveys are sent to nominated data contacts within the institution and are also available below.

Higher Education Students Early Statistics (HESES) survey

The HESES survey collects aggregated student data to enable us to make allocations of funds for teaching and have early indications of student numbers for the relevant academic year.

The End of Year Monitoring of Higher Education Enrolments (EYM) survey

The EYM survey gives definitions and guidance to higher education institutions and further education institutions about the end of year data that are extracted from the HESA student record via the HESA Information Reporting Interface Service (IRIS) to calculate credit-based teaching funding, calculate any adjustments to funding, monitor information on initial teacher training courses and establish final numbers of students and credit values at higher education institutions.

Forecast Requests

This circular requests HE institutions to submit student number forecasts.

Archived data collection circulars

HESES EYM Forecasts
2018/19 2018/19 2018
2017/18 2017/18 2017
2016/17 2016/17 2016
2015/16 2015/16 2015
2014/15 2014/15 2014
2013/14 2013/14 2013
2012/13 2012/13 2012

Contact us for earlier circulars or guidance at hestats@hefcw.ac.uk.