HEFCW Circular

W21/04HE: Covid-19: further financial support for higher education students

This circular provides additional funding of £40m from Welsh Government for universities. A statement by the Minister in January 2021 asked universities ‘to prioritise funding towards the most vulnerable, as well as strengthening advice and support services for students.’ This included ‘addressing ‘digital poverty’ among students, to enable better access to online learning, and costs incurred due to the need to self-isolate.’ We are required to undertake monthly monitoring of the use of this funding. This will enable us to formally report to the Minister for Education by the end of March 2021, with a final report in July 2021, to take account of funding spent up to the end of 2020/21.


28 January 2021

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15 February; 15 March; 16 April; 17 May; 14 June; and 12 July 2021


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