HEFCW Circulars

HEFCW circulars give information to the higher education (HE) sector in Wales.  They might include information such as funding allocations, information, data or monitoring requests, consultations, calls for strategies, policy announcements and particular information which higher education institutions (HEIs) need to be aware of quickly. 

21 November 2019
This circular requests higher education providers to return aggregated student data to enable HEFCW to have early indications of student numbers; calculate funding allocations;
Response by: 15 January 2020 (whole survey), 14 November 2019 (Table 2)
24 October 2019
This circular sets out the arrangements for NSS 2020 and the action required from all participating universities, colleges and other higher education providers by
Response by: 28 November 2019
19 September 2019
This circular provides details of the basis on which Capital funding for 2019/20 will be allocated to Higher Education Institutions in Wales, the information
Response by: 25 October 2019