Studying in HE

We work with higher education providers to ensure that they have the best possible learning and teaching frameworks in place for students to thrive. We do not, however, offer any bursaries or grants to students to study in higher education.

Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales

The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) offers learners greater flexibility in the way they study, and aids progression from one level to the next and between different types of learning, for example between further education and higher education.

It allows students to gain credit as they study and accumulate credits to gain qualifications. All higher education institutions in Wales have signed up to the CQFW.

We are a partner in the CQFW, and we have required institutions to align their provision to it. We currently fund part-time provision on a credit-based method.

Digital learning

Digital learning helps to shape an increasingly diverse student body’s learning and teaching experience over time.

The part HEFCW-funded Learning Analytics Cymru project funds higher education providers over three years to work with Jisc’s learning analytics service. The project enables institutions to recognise data patterns in order to help students to understand their own learning needs, identify areas for improvement and experience better learning outcomes, which should in turn increase retention rates and better deliver widening access priorities.

Learning and teaching

We promote excellent teaching through our focus on quality enhancement. This is embedded within our Quality Assessment Framework. We aim to ensure that all learners have access to a good quality learning experience. We also aspire to assist institutions in providing increased flexibility and accessibility of provision, including facilitating Welsh medium education and taking full account of equality and diversity.

Our Student Opportunity and Achievement Committee (SOAC) guides our work in this area.

We fund work with Advance HE to support the higher education (HE) community in order to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching.

The Teaching Excellence framework recognises excellent learning and teaching at undergraduate level. The TEF is not part of our responsibilities, although Welsh higher education providers have been given the opportunity to apply for TEF on a similar basis to institutions in England if they wish.

The TEF is administered by the Office for Students (OfS) on behalf of England’s Department for Education.


Postgraduate courses are crucial to help learners progress, and equip students with higher-level skills and knowledge that help boost the economy.

We currently fund higher education institutions to provide bursaries for certain postgraduate students. Information about how to apply is available on providers’ websites.

  • £4,000 for people over the age of 60 to study for a Master’s degree in Wales for the 2020/21 academic year.
  • £2,000 bursary for graduates of all ages to study in Wales for a Master’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or Medicine (STEMM subjects).
  • £1,000 to study a Master’s degree through the medium of Welsh.

Studying in Welsh

We work in partnership with Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to extend the range of Welsh medium provision and increase student participation in Welsh medium higher education. The Coleg works with universities across Wales to promote, develop and maintain Welsh medium opportunities for students. This includes increasing the capacity of institutions to deliver provision through Welsh, and providing a range of scholarships to encourage students to study through Welsh.