3 November 2021

Student and staff survey – embedding employability in Welsh university curricula

We have commissioned Advance HE to carry out a study into how employability is embedded into curricula across universities in Wales. This will be the first time that this study has been undertaken at a national level.

It will capture the views of students and university staff about how employability is embedded against Advance HE’s Employability Framework. The outcome will be individual reports for each institution. These can be used to assess areas of strength and perceived gaps, and to measure against the Welsh sector benchmark.

This study responds to the concerns of students highlighted in the latest NUS survey about employability in the current climate, and provides a spotlight on how universities are taking this into account across the curriculum.

The study will take the form of a 10 minute online staff and student survey, available in both Welsh and English, which will open from 8 November 2021.

For the study to be useful it is important to ensure robust response rates from students and staff, and coverage across faculties and departments. Students and staff are therefore encouraged to respond to the survey to make their views heard.

University staff and student representatives will disseminate more information, including the survey links, over the next couple of weeks.