18 August 2020

Statement on fair admissions and student number controls

The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams MS, asked HEFCW to take the necessary steps to achieve stability in the Welsh HE sector without adversely impacting on the opportunities available to study in Wales. The Welsh Government’s priority is to ensure that all suitably qualified Welsh domiciled full-time undergraduate applicants are able to enter HE in 2020/21.

Our home and EU full-time undergraduate student number control for entry in 2020/21 is designed to maintain stability in the sector by discouraging incidences of destabilising behaviour.

Our student number control should not impact on fair admissions, and is not intended to restrict access. It particularly takes into account the needs and recruitment of particular groups of students, which we will consider as we monitor, and potentially make adjustments to future funding. In the meantime, we continue to expect our institutions to recruit with integrity and, when we monitor, we’ll be taking into account the particular context of this admissions cycle.