22 November 2019

HEFCW’s Student Opportunity and Achievement Committee

HEFCW’s Student Opportunity and Achievement Committee 

HEFCW is seeking candidates for the appointment of a schools’ representative Member to our Student Opportunity and Achievement Committee (SOAC). We are seeking a senior member of staff from a school with a sixth form, or from a further education college which provides progression routes to higher education. SOAC is a committee of HEFCW’s Council, and acts in an advisory capacity.

The remit of the Committee is to advise on student opportunity and achievement in higher education, including Welsh medium, widening access, equality and diversity, and skills and employability, with the aim of ensuring that Welsh higher education meets the needs and expectations of learners and other stakeholders.

The Committee will meet three times a year.

SOAC Members receive no remuneration. However, HEFCW will reimburse you for all reasonable and properly documented expenses you incur in the performance of your duties, in accordance with our travel and subsistence procedures.

The appointment will be for an initial term of up to three years unless terminated earlier by either party, with the possibility of re-appointment for a further term.

The deadline for applications is 20 December 2019.