10 December 2020

Chair of HEFCW’s Council

Commenting on the announcement that Rob Humphreys had been appointed as interim Chair of HEFCW’s Council for one year from 4 January 2021, Dr David Blaney, Chief Executive of HEFCW, said: “We very much welcome the appointment of Rob to the role of Interim Chair, which will reassure HEFCW with some stability and continuity as we navigate through the challenges in higher education. Rob has been a valuable and respected member of our Council since he stepped down from his role leading a successful Open University in Wales. Rob of course already knows the organisation well, and we look forward to continuing with him at the helm of our Council to guide the organisation through the next 12 months.

“I can’t let the opportunity pass to pay tribute to our outgoing Chair David Allen, who retires in early January after being a member of our Council since 2008 and its Chair since 2014. David has been a mighty force in higher education and public service in his own right, and as Chair of HEFCW he has shown the indispensable talent of inspiring confidence in not only the Council and the executive but also in government and in the sector. We are thankful for his unwavering dedication to higher education – and particularly the rights of students – in Wales.”