2 August 2021

A Performance-based Assessment of the Welsh Research Base

Responding to the publication of A Performance-based Assessment of the Welsh Research Base, Dr David Blaney, Chief Executive of HEFCW, said:

“We welcome the publication of the report today, which provides further objective, external evidence of the Welsh higher education sector’s research performance. Furthermore, it continues to show we can have confidence in the expertise and abilities of the Welsh research base, and underlines the importance of continued investment in our institutions.

“As set out in HEFCW’s Vision for Research and Innovation, our research base is key to building a more prosperous Wales. Our basis for funding for research and innovation has been essential in allowing universities to rapidly change their R&I priorities, allowing them to respond strategically and dynamically to make a significant and invaluable contribution to our nation’s response to the pandemic. It is of paramount importance that we continue to both target and increase funding to strengthen the research base so that universities can continue to contribute effectively in an unpredictable, fast-moving environment.”