Year: 2021

W21/25HE: Consultation on implementing new research funding method

This is a consultation on the implementation of a new method for allocating HEFCW’s unhypothecated research funding. This new method will replace the current method used to allocate HEFCW’s QR and PGR support funding streams. These streams will collectively be known as ‘Research Funding’ upon implementation of the new method.

W21/24HE: Innovation and Engagement – Monitoring Requirements and Funding Allocations

This circular provides details of the monitoring requirements for the Innovation Capacity Development Fund (ICDF) 2019-20 and the Research Wales Innovation Fund (RWIF) 2020/21. Institutions are also asked to update approved RWIF strategies to align to the Knowledge Exchange Concordat, and to make reference to sector–wide targets for the Wales Innovation Network. The circular provides […]

W21/22HE: Well-being and health: well-being and health strategy funding 2021/22

This circular provides funding to universities to implement well-being and health strategies in 2021/22. The circular includes our monitoring requirements for 2020/21 that demonstrates university progress in adopting a whole university approach to well-being and health, including mental health, for staff and students.