Year: 2013

W13/40HE: Invitation to comment on future changes to the UK Performance Indicators

The UK Performance Indicators Steering Group (UKPISG) is considering a number of changes in relation to the UK Performance Indicators (UKPIs). This circular invites your comments on some preliminary actions proposed by UKPISG in its initial response to the findings of the fundamental review of the UKPIs.

W13/38HE: Carbon Management Policy

This consultation circular seeks the views of institutions on the introduction of a requirement to develop and maintain a publicly available summary carbon management strategy. It is proposed that this document would set out the ambitions of the organisation in terms of carbon and energy reduction, the intended actions to progress this agenda, together with […]

W13/34HE: Higher Education Data Requirements 2013/14

This circular informs institutions of the higher education (HE) data used to calculate funding allocations and maximum fee grant allocations; to monitor progress towards the For our Future indicators and Corporate Strategy targets; to monitor equality and diversity; to monitor Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provision leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS); to monitor recruited full-time […]

W13/32HE: Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey 2013/14

This circular requests institutions to return aggregated student data to enable HEFCW to make allocations of funds for teaching; have early indications of student numbers; monitor recruitment of students under the new fee regime; make estimations of fee grant costs; monitor medicine, dentistry and teacher training provision and ERASMUS and other year abroad registrations; and […]