Strategy and performance

Corporate Strategy 2021

We are in the process of developing our new corporate strategy, and will be consulting on it in early 2021.

Corporate Strategy 2017-2020

Our Corporate Strategy focuses on our roles as a regulator, funder and influencer while we work in partnership with students; and our aim to operate effectively as an organisation. The Strategy includes twelve HEFCW performance outcomes.

Business Plan 2020-21

In our Business Plan we set out – against our corporate strategy themes – the activities we carry out over a planning period.

Annual remit letter

As a Welsh Government Sponsored Body, we receive an annual remit letter from the Welsh Government showing what needs to be delivered through the funding we are allocated.

Risk register

All teams in HEFCW assess risks in relation to their objectives and projects, including all appropriate corporate and operational plan objectives. Our Management Team agree the totality of significant risks that make up the Corporate Risk Register, and minor risks remain on team registers only.

External stakeholder survey

To fulfil our mission, we must ensure that we provide an effective service to our stakeholders, and that clear, accessible and strategic communications support both our internal operations and our relationships with the Welsh higher education sector, the Welsh Government and other external partners.

In order to assess how effective our service is, and how well our relationships work, we commissioned, in 2019, our third survey of stakeholders and partners.