Welsh language standards

We will treat the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality in the conduct of our public business in Wales. We recognise the important role higher education (HE) has in fulfilling the Welsh Government’s vision for a bilingual Wales. We also recognise our role in facilitating a bilingual working environment for staff.

The standards

Individuals in Wales have the right to receive certain services in Welsh from certain bodies. Accordingly, a series of Welsh language standards applies to HEFCW, which are tailored to our activities, and prepared by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

The Commissioner provided us with a compliance notice in September 2017, setting out the specific standards from the Regulations above that apply us.

Our Implementation Plan sets out how we intend to comply with the standards applicable to us.

We have a bilingual presence for the general public (eg website, public meetings, publicity), and welcome correspondence in Welsh and in English. We have also put in place a structure for many of our internal policies and systems to be available in Welsh. We scrutinise our policies and plans to support Welsh medium and bilingual education, and to consider the effect on using the Welsh language in Wales.

The service standards element applies to specific, designated activities carried out by us:

  • Complaints
  • Awarding grants and providing financial assistance to students and individual academics
  • Calls to a main telephone number
  • Signs around the building

We monitor compliance and activities against our Implementation Plan every year, and include the outcomes in the Annual Report.

Welsh Language Scheme

Our commitment to providing an equally high standard of service to the public in Welsh and English up until 31 March 2018 has been consistent with our Welsh Language Scheme, against which we have reported annually.

Our final Welsh Language Scheme compliance report was published in May 2018.

Historical monitoring reports are available on request from info@hefcw.ac.uk.