About us

Everything you need to know about HEFCW, our policies, governance and committees

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales – HEFCW – is the public body operating between Welsh Government and higher education providers. We regulate fee levels at higher education providers, ensure a framework is in place for assessing the quality of higher education and scrutinise the performance of universities and other designated providers. We also provide funding for higher education teaching, research and innovation, and apply our influence and expertise to help deliver Welsh Government priorities for higher education that also have wider societal and economic benefits.

Operational policies

We have a range of internal policies that influence our day to day activities.



As a Welsh Government Sponsored Body, we receive our funds from, and are accountable to, the Welsh Government. Our Council focuses on strategic policy issues, major matters of substance and significance and maintaining oversight of our activities.

Working for HEFCW

Working for HEFCW

We believe that your reward for the work you do is more than about just offering a good financial package.

Annual reports and accounts

Every year, we publish a report of our activities to show how successfully we have met our targets and how we have used public funding.

Council and committees

Our Council, of up to 12 members, focuses on strategic policy issues, matters of substance and significance, and maintaining oversight of our activities. Committees have been established to advise our Council on particular areas of work.

HEFCW Council and Committees