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Higher education institutions

We regulate, fund and provide guidance to higher education institutions in Wales.


Governing bodies

Governing bodies ensure that governance arrangements are in line with best practice, set the strategic direction of the university and monitor university performance.

HEFCW students


We help universities and colleges to deliver the best possible experience for higher education students in Wales. We do not offer any bursaries or grants to students or projects directly.


We, along with Universities Wales and the Welsh Government, have been engaging and working with higher education providers on the impact of the pandemic on their institution, staff and students.

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Higher Education in a Changing World: Adapting in a Time of Crisis

Our new report features case studies from around Wales, and shines a light on how universities supported their students, staff and communities during the most testing of times.

Our processes

Fee and access planning

Higher education providers in Wales who have submitted an acceptable fee and access plan can charge full-time UK undergraduates fees of up to £9,000.

Financial Planning

Financial management and risk review

Our financial management code ensures that regulated institutions are well run, have effective financial management arrangements and are sustainable for the future.

Quality assessment

Quality assessment

We ensure that there are processes in place to assess the quality of education at regulated institutions.