Year: 2020

HEFCW Specific Designation Monitoring Guidance

Canllawiau monitro CCAUC ar gyfer dynodiad penodol (Saesneg). This guidance sets out the monitoring process for providers that had courses specifically designated for student support in Wales for new entrants in 2020/21. This guidance provides information on HEFCW monitoring processes to ensure providers comply with Welsh Government requirements for specific designation, assuring Welsh Government that […]

W20/40HE: Higher Education Research Capital (HERC) Funding 2020-21

This circular provides details of 2020-21 allocations for institutions qualifying to receive Higher Education Research Capital funding. This circular is a revised version of W20/17HE (issued 18 June 2020). It provides details of additional allocations made available by the UK Government in response to COVID-19. To note: reporting requirements have been amended to account for […]