Year: 2018

W18/29HE: Degree Apprenticeships 2019/20: Consultation on the Funding Methodology and Requests for Expressions of Interest

This circular requests indicative expressions of interest for Degree Apprenticeships in Digital, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing for 2019/20. It also provides a consultation on our approach to the allocation of funding for Degree Apprenticeship provision in 2019/20.

W18/28HE: Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey 2018/19

This circular requests higher education providers to return aggregated student data to enable HEFCW to have early indications of student numbers; monitor recruitment of students covered by the fee and access plans; make estimates of tuition fee income; and monitor the intake to Centres of Teacher Education.

W18/21HE: Specific designation of higher education courses in Wales

This circular introduces HEFCW’s guidance for: higher education (HE) providers applying for courses to be specifically designated for the support of students ordinarily domiciled in Wales; the monitoring of HE providers that currently have courses specifically designated for new entrants. This also includes the opportunity for existing providers to request designation of new courses or […]