Year: 2014

W14/46HE: Data publication thresholds and aggregation on Unistats: Consultation on thresholds and subject groupings for data on Unistats and the National Student Survey

This circular provides a consultation on a proposal to lower the thresholds for the publication of data on the Unistats web-site and on the outcomes of the National Student Survey. It also seeks views on a revised subject hierarchy for aggregating data where publication thresholds are not met.

W14/40HE: Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey 2014/15

This circular requests institutions to return aggregated student data to enable HEFCW to make allocations of funds for teaching; have early indications of student numbers; monitor recruitment of students under the new fee regime; make estimations of fee grant costs; monitor medicine, dentistry and teacher training provision and ERASMUS and other year abroad registrations; monitor […]

W14/39HE: End of Year Monitoring of Higher Education Enrolments 2013/14

This circular requests further education institutions to return data to enable HEFCW to calculate any adjustments to 2013/14 funding and establish final numbers of students and credit values at further education institutions for 2013/14. It also gives definitions and guidance to higher education institutions about the end of year data that we will extract from […]

W14/38HE: Maximum fee grant – guidance and allocations for 2015/16 and confirmation of arrangements for 2014/15

This circular provides guidance relating to the calculation, monitoring and penalty arrangements for the maximum fee grant and gives the allocations of maximum fee grant for institutions for 2015/16. It also confirms the monitoring and penalty arrangements for 2014/15 and requests estimates of fee grant payments for 2014/15.