Year: 2012

W12/29HE: Welsh Government Department for Education and Skills Capital Funding

This circular sets out the procedure, timescale, and assessment criteria that will enable higher education institutions to submit capital investment proposals to the Department for Education and Skills. Approved projects will be supported by funding of up to 50% of the capital cost of the project.

W12/27HE: Consultation: Developing the HEFCW Corporate Strategy 2013-14 to 2015-16

This circular attaches for consultation the draft HEFCW Corporate Strategy 2013-14 to 2015-16 including a consideration of possible performance measures. The circular invites views from higher education institutions and directly-funded further education institutions. Other interested parties will be invited to respond through the website.

W12/26HE: End of Year Monitoring of Higher Education Enrolments 2011/12

This circular requests further education institutions to return data to enable HEFCW to calculate any adjustments to 2011/12 funding and establish final numbers of students and credit values at further education institutions for 2011/12. It also gives definitions and guidance to higher education institutions about the end of year data that we will extract from […]

W12/25HE: The Key Information Set and the new Unistats website: overview and next steps

This circular updates the information on KIS and the new Unistats site that was provided in W11/27HE: Key Information Sets: Outcomes of consultation and next steps. The principles outlined in that circular have framed the work to develop the KIS and the new Unistats website.

W12/09HE: Guidance on good practice in funding of effective, democratic student unions, and student representation

This circular provides guidance on the funding of effective, democratic student unions (SUs), and student representation. It includes principles which should underpin the funding of SUs, principles which should underpin the relationship agreement between the SU and the institution; and a common set of core functions which all SUs should provide. These should be in […]