HEFCW Response

Cynllun yr OIA i ddelio â chwynion grwpiau mawr

Ymateb CCAUC i gynnig yr OIA ar gynllun i ddelio â chwynion grwpiau mawr. (Saesneg yn unig.)

We are pleased to have the opportunity to comment on the OIA’s proposal for a scheme for dealing with large group complaints.

We welcome that the OIA has moved to develop mechanisms to deal with large group complaints. In developing these mechanisms, the OIA has noted that there is the potential for individual students to have less opportunity to express their unique concerns and to challenge the OIA’s decisions. The OIA, therefore, should ensure that it mitigates against any unintended consequences as far as practically possible.

With this in mind, we anticipate that there is likely to be a benefit for students to be able to make complaints about their provider, in the right circumstances, as a collective, under this scheme.

We welcome the OIA’s ongoing work and engagement with students and providers.


26 Tachwedd 2020