HEFCW Response

Fframwaith Arfer Da yr OIA ynghylch ceisiadau am ystyriaeth ychwanegol

Ymateb CCAUC i ymgysylltiad yr OIA ar ganllawiau ynghylch ceisiadau am ystyriaeth ychwanegol. (Ymatebwyd yn Saesneg yn unig.) 

We are pleased to have the opportunity to comment on the draft section of the OIA’s Good Practice Framework on requests for additional consideration.

We consider that the Good Practice Framework in relation to supporting disabled students in particular is very good.

In terms of any changes, we would suggest making explicit reference to equality impact assessments within the Framework, in line with guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, so that providers can take this into account when developing relevant policies.

We welcome the OIA’s ongoing work and engagement in this particular area and are confident that it will be a helpful resource for students and providers.


23 Medi 2020