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Reference No: HEFCW/18/Ag186
The 186th meeting of the Council to be held on 25th January 2018 at 2.00pm at Bangor University

1 Introductory remarks, apologies and declarations of interest
For discussion
2 Minutes of the meeting held on 16 November 2017 HEFCW/18/Min185
Disclosable in edited form
3 Matters Arising HEFCW/18/01
4 Chair's Report (Oral) HEFCW/18/CH1
5 Update from Chairs of Council Committees HEFCW/18/CC1
6 Chief Executive's Report HEFCW/18/CE1
Disclosable in edited form
7 HEFCW funding AY 2018/19 HEFCW/18/02
8 Interim Institutional Risk Reviews HEFCW/18/03
9 HEFCW fee and access plan guidance HEFCW/18/04
10 Specific designation HEFCW/18/05
11 Review of Reaching Wider HEFCW/18/06
12 Any other business
13 Date of next meeting: Council meeting 21 March 2018 - Institutional Visit; Cardiff Metropolitan University - 22 March 2018
For approval without discussion
14 Financial regulations 2017 annual update HEFCW/18/07
For information
15 Operational Plan 2017-18 Q3 HEFCW/18/08
16 Fraud and bribery policy and procedures review HEFCW/18/09
17 Fraud and bribery risk register annual review HEFCW/18/10
18 April to September accruals based management accounts report 2017-18 HEFCW/18/11
19 Cash expenditure report for the period April to September 2017 HEFCW/18/12
20 SOAC Annual report and minutes of the meeting held 14 November 2017 HEFCW/18/13
21 Unconfirmed Minutes of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee held on 6 December 2017 HEFCW/18/14
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