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Council and Committees

Our Council, of up to 12 members, focuses on strategic policy issues, major matters of substance and significance and maintaining oversight of our activities. Committees have been established to advise Council on particular areas of work.

We hold around eight Council meetings per calendar year. We also follow a cycle of visits to institutions and host a number of committee meetings and events.

2020 Timetable of Council and committee meetings and events

2019 Timetable of Council and committee meetings and events

All our Council business is conducted in accordance with its Standing Orders.

Upon appointment, Council members sign the HEFCW Council Members Code of Conduct which includes an agreement to adhere to the Seven Principles of Public Life.

Council and Committee members are required to complete a declaration of interest form for the public register. You can find declaration of interests on the Council and Committee web pages.

Useful documents
Scheme of delegation
Framework Document
Council and Committee members travel and subsistence policy

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