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HEFCW's vision and mission

Our vision is to develop and sustain internationally excellent higher education in Wales, for the benefit of individuals, society and the economy, in Wales and more widely.

Our mission

We strategically use resources from the Welsh Government and others to:

  • secure higher education learning and research of the highest quality
  • make the most of the contribution of higher education to the culture, society and economy or Wales
  • ensure high quality, accredited teacher training across Wales.
Key strategic themes

Widening Access
Ensure equity, opportunity and success in higher education.

Student Experience
Ensure that the student learning experience is of high quality.

Ensure that all graduates are equipped for the world of work and for their role as citizens.

Knowledge Transfer
Ensure more productive relationships between higher education institutions and public/private sectors, local communities and other agencies.

Ensure improved research performance to underpin the knowledge economy and cultural and social renewal.

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