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Service standards

We aim to ensure that we work efficiently and effectively in dealing with our stakeholders and the public, while delivering value for the public money we receive.

  • We will respond to queries within 20 working days, and meet all requests for information within 20 working days as required under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • We will be committed to providing an equally high standard of service to the public in Welsh and English, in accordance with the principle of treating the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality.

Freedom of information

Data protection

Environmental regulations

Access to publications

  • We will make the information provided on our website available in accessible formats, including electronic and audio CD, Braille and large print upon request.
  • We will consult with HE providers and other stakeholders, including equality and diversity representatives, on policies which require a full equality impact assessment, and will aim to give them a minimum of 6 weeks to respond.
Goods and services
  • We will pay all suppliers of goods and services to HEFCW within 10 days of receipt of a valid invoice.
Working with the higher education sector
  • We will publish our Recurrent Grant by the end of each March for the academic year ahead.
  • We will make prompt payments to institutions of profiled funds.
  • We will respond to or provide feedback on institutions’ strategies within 3 months of Receipt.
  • We will ensure the Chief Executive visits each higher education institution in Wales yearly.
  • We will regularly communicate information of ‘topical’ interest via our website and other means.
  • We will consult with HE providers and other stakeholders on major policy decisions, and will aim to give them a minimum of 6 weeks to respond.
  • We will state the purpose of requests for information from HE providers.
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