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Having achieved the Green Dragon Environmental Standard level 2 in January 2009, we are committed to adopting working practices and developing policy that have a positive effect in: improving our environmental performance; preventing pollution; and reducing the unavoidable negative influences caused by our business activities.

Environmental Management is part of the remit of the HEFCW Health and Safety / Environmental Management Group, which reports directly to the Management Board. Membership of the Group is open to all members of staff and meets regularly to discuss both health and safety and environmental issues.

We will commit to continual environmental improvement by:
  • reusing and recycling to reduce the amount of waste generated
  • ensuring that procurement processes support the identification and purchase of products or services which have minimal environmental impact
  • using energy and water efficiently
  • encouraging the application of sustainable principles of travel to minimise emissions
  • ensuring compliance with environmental legislation relevant to the organisations activities
  • ensuring, where appropriate, that organisations we work with are committed to  improving environmental sustainability
  • managing our own activities to prevent pollution

Environmental Annual Report

Environmental Improvement Plan

Environmental Statement

HEFCW is also working with the higher education sector in Wales to implement the aims of the ESDGC to strengthen the links between education and sustainability.

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