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Strategic engagement

We have been developing our ways of engaging strategically with the universities we fund.

We engage strategically with universities to:
  • understand, and be comfortable with, their strategic direction
  • assure ourselves that the university is sustainable
  • contribute to our understanding of the overall sustainability of higher education (HE) in Wales
  • enhance each university's understanding of Welsh Government and HEFCW priorities
  • allow us to meet our statutory responsibilities in advising the Welsh Government on the funding needs of the higher education sector, and on other matters relating to the development of higher education in Wales

In all of these, we seek to assure ourselves that universities are making proper use of public funds, are meeting their statutory obligations and are having due regard for Welsh Government priorities.

We have set out the approach we will adopt to improve the quality and effectiveness of our strategic engagement with universities in Wales.

Strategic Engagement Process (from 2014/15 onwards)

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